If You Can’t Say Anything Nice …

… you know the rest!

why is it so easy to gossip? why is it so easy to point out the flaws in others before looking at oneself? why are others “wrong” and what we think “right”?
here we are a little over half way through Lent, how’s your sacrifice going? from the list posted in Stop It, I chose Gossip and Negativity. let me tell you, the more you concentrate on not gossiping, the more your eyes are opened to it, and not just in me. I’ve been so sensitive to others and how easily they can cut with words. I’d never claim to be perfect in this arena but I am physically affected when I hear others speaking negativity, whether it’s about a situation or about an individual. who do we think we are? we don’t know what they’ve been through. we haven’t walked in their shoes. we all have our own journey and reasons for why we are the way we are and for being where we are at any given moment. and it’s up to each of us to work on ourself (with God’s direction) and not think we have the next person figured out.
oh and the lesson in Words Do Hurt, the age old concept “whoever gossips to you will gossip of you” … wow, God has definitely brought that to life even more so during this Lenten season. I am not immune to being hurt. there are truly people out there that don’t give a rip about who they gossip about and how it hurts them.
I realize I ranted but this topic has most certainly struck a cord within me. if we all just concentrated on being our best self and stop worrying about the next guy, this world would truly be a better place.
keep yourself in check!

As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him,
‭‭Titus‬ ‭3:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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