Do It Again

have you ever tried contemplative prayer? simply put: it’s the action of reading a passage over and over, aloud. the first time through, read it in its entirety. as you read it the second time, underline just the words that stick out to you. (you can repeat step 2, reading just the underlined words and using a highlighter). the last pass, read just what you’ve underlined (or highlighted depending on how many times step 2 was done). eventually, you’re left with a shorter passage that speaks directly to your heart.
here’s what Psalm 6 spoke to me:
“O Lord, save me because of Your unfailing love. I am worn out from groaning. the Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.”
along with that I get a word nugget to concentrate on. in this case it was “because of Him”
this may sound hokey to some of you (it did the first time I tried it) but these times have been some of the most rich times I’ve had in my quiet time!


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